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Question 1

            D: None of the above because there's no such rule. Yes, throughout the years, there have been people who would pull you aside and say, "Did you know that one of every five miles on the interstates must be perfectly straight -- BY LAW!" Then this person would breathlessly explain that this rule was for military purposes: in case of national emergency, military aircraft needed places to land and so the interstates would serve as double duty.

            But, let's think about this. First of all, even if the roads were straight, there's a lot of other stuff on an Interstate that would make it tricky for all but a tiny plane to land: overpasses, signs, fences--any matter of obstacles that could clip an airplane's wings. There's also the problem of the other vehicles on the road; where would they go? And then: once an airplane landed on a highway, what was it going to do?

          Conclusion: this one is pure urban myth. It's a story that stays in circulation not because it's true but because it's too good to die. (Which reminds me: Did you know that ALLIGATORS live in the sewers of New York City???)

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