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Q: Aren't interstate highways too boring to sustain a program of interesting sights and clues?

    A: Granted, interstate highways are boring. But we at the Museum of the Open Road love boring highways. They give us the opportunity to do what we do: show that there's more than meets the eye on the open road. Even the most tedious interstate routes pass through territory filled with sights and stories if you know how and where to look.

Q: What if I go faster than the speed limit? What if I go slower?

    A: Not to worry. There is considerable leeway built in to allow for differences in driving style and traffic conditions. The programs are also broken into 10-20 minute segments to periodically give the timing a fresh start.

Q: Do the programs going in different directions on the same route (such as, I-90 East: Cleveland to Erie and I-90 West: Erie to Cleveland) repeat the same information?

    A: No. Each program is different. There's plenty of material to work with.

Q: Will a MOTOR program advise me where to eat, sleep, shop, and find neat little places off the road?

    A: No. Other resources give this information. We're "on the road." We take you behind the scenes to tell why a region is as it is.

Q: Why are your routes mostly in Ohio?

        A: Because we're just getting started. Today, Ohio. Tomorrow the world!

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