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Current MOTOR Routes

    Museum of the Open Road
programs are now available for the following routes.

      General Routes:

                Interstate 70: Ohio
                Interstate 71: Ohio
                Ohio Turnpike

        Routes Timed by Mile-marker:

        I-70 West: Wheeling, WV to Columbus, OH
        I-70 West: Columbus, OH to Richmond, IN
        I-70 East: Richmond, IN to Columbus, OH
        I-70 East: Columbus, OH to Wheeling, WV
        I-71 South: Cleveland to Columbus, OH
        I-71 South: Columbus to Cincinnati, OH
        I-71 North: Cincinnati to Cleveland, OH
        I-71 North: Columbus to Cleveland, OH
        I-77 South: Cleveland to New Philadelphia, OH
        I-80/90 West (Ohio Turnpike): Cleveland to Toledo
        I-90 West: Erie, PA to Cleveland, OH
        I-90 East: Cleveland, OH to Erie, PA               
        I-480/80 East (Ohio Turnpike): Cleveland to Youngstown, OH

















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