Bruce T. Marshall

Minister and Writer




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So, ok, my resume is a little odd:

    My background is unusual, but I know how to write clearly. After all, I've taken one of the world's more convoluted disciplinestheologyand made it accessible to people. See Hope, not Optimism or No Place to Stop on the Cross-Bronx Expressway, both from my book, Taking Pictures of God.  

   I know how to tell a story, such as, The Sunday School Teacher Who Got Us Screaming or The Man with Five Names, both from Museum of the Open Road audio scripts.

    And I know how to listen which is, I believe, the first skill a writer must possess. 

    So if you would like to discuss a project, please be in touch: Or call 301-920-1030. And, yes, I do deadlines, small jobs, travel, etc.

Bruce Marshall
8400 Queen Annes Dr
Silver Spring, MD  20910


Clips:  Hope, not Optimism   ׀   No Place to Stop on the Cross Bronx Expressway   ׀  The Sunday School Teacher Who Got Us Screaming   ׀   The Man with Five Names