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    Museum of the Open Road, inc. creates and sells materials for those who travel on interstate highways and other roads throughout the United States. We are initially offering pre-recorded audiotapes and compact discs with programs of information and commentary related to the specific routes the travelers are following. The aim of all our products is to inform and entertain to enhance the travel experience of those on the Open Road. 

    Amy Dibner, president of the Museum of the Open Road, is an architect with a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. In her architectural work she has managerial responsibilities and is in charge of overseeing projects through the design, construction document, and construction phases. Current projects involve museum construction and restoration of historic theaters. She is co-author of a book on architectural additions.

    This project represents a convergence of her interests in people and communities, history, vernacular art and architecture, and a long-time fascination with the highway system's potential as an organizing structure for these pursuits.


Bruce T. Marshall is vice president and curator for the Museum of the Open Road. He holds a B.A. in psychology from Earlham College, an M.A. in religious studies from Meadville/Lombard Theological School, and a doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary. Before coming to MOTOR, he served as a parish minister. He is also a writer with four books published and over 100 articles featured in both regional and national publications.

    He is interested in the meanings we find in events and objects and the stories we tell to make sense of our lives.


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